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The power of one drop

Essential oils are highly concentrated, and are distinctly unique. By concentrating the oils of a plant, seed, shrub, or flower petal, the most powerful healing compounds of a plant are condensed into a single oil. Studies are showing positive effects for a variety of health concerns including infections, pain, anxiety, depression, tumors, premenstrual syndrome, nausea, and many others. 

Essential oils are pure and potent plant extracts for health, beauty and overall wellness, but just like most things, there are so many varied levels of quality. It is important to ask the right questions and choose a company that is committed to sustainable growing and harvesting to ensure the highest quality.

Essential oils are not standardized or regulated, which means marketing and labelling can be very misleading. The FDA treats synthetic, lab-created scents as the same quality as pure, organic, steam-distilled essential oils. Under cosmetic labelling laws, a product could say "100% pure Lavender" but legally must only contain 5% Lavender oil, either synthetic or natural. That bottle of "Pure Lavender" could actually be synonymous with "5% synthetic fragrance that smells like Lavender". As long as the chemical profile of the lab-created substance matches up to the constituents of real Lavender, you won't know the difference.


When deciding which brand to choose, don't get caught up in catchy marketing. If the company isn't farming their own plants, distilling their own oils, and testing for quality at every stage of production, you won't know where your products are sourced from, and this is key to benefitting from essential oils.


I truly believe there is only one company leading the world in sustainable practices and farming of essential oils for health and wellness. Where your oils come from is so important, which is why I do my best to educate and empower you to have the knowledge and tools you deserve. 

Not all are created equal​

Young Living: World Leaders in Farming


Synthetics, contaminants, cheap fillers, and unethical production practices are not an option for the products in your life. Our oils are grown at our own farms, and sourced from partner farms around the world. We vet each and every one of our partners to ensure we share the same principles and that they meet our rigorous standards. We source our oils with sensitivity to local communities and ecosystems alike. 

When it comes to our partnerships, we trust but verify. To ensure that inferior or unethically sourced ingredients don’t find their way to your door, we use an extensive, full-access system of internal and third-party audits to monitor our supply chain. As the world leaders in essential oil production, we use the best manufacturing practices to test essential oils, ingredients, and products and to formulate and manufacture our industry leading innovative health, wellness and beauty products for our members to enjoy.


We insist on essential oils, products, and ingredients that have passed our stringent, unyielding quality benchmarks. Pure, genuine, effective ingredients that meet our demanding scientific standards are certainly more expensive, and formulating innovative offerings takes time, but we know you’ll appreciate authentic products that you can rely on. While our product quality starts in the fields, it’s proven in the lab with extensive research. With our team’s combined 180 years of experience, they use advanced testing processes in our state-of-the-art labs to ensure that an inferior product never slips by. We also test product samples with two independent, respected, and accredited labs that employ certified chemical analysts with over 300 years of combined laboratory experience.

We’ve developed an expanding list of 20 potentially harmful or harsh additives that may appear in mainstream products but will never be found in our line. Get all the ingredients you want and none of the ones you don’t.


As the leaders of the modern essential oils movement and a close partner with the earth, it’s part of our stewardship to do business responsibly —from sustainably sourcing rare botanicals, to uplifting local communities, to complying with local environmental rules. Cheap essential oils are often synthetic, adulterated, or unethically sourced, which is why we choose to partner with sources we know produce pure botanicals + ingredients ethically.

We have engaged top legal experts around the world to keep us advised of the most current laws, as well as to inform us how to appropriately apply them to our most important business needs. The program ultimately determines several specific legal factors associated with botanical harvesting in order to protect delicate landscapes, plants, and wildlife, including knowing where, how, how much to plant and harvest. Our commitment to sustainable business includes reforestation of harvested trees; recycling at our offices; and the construction of our brand-new, LEED-certified headquarters.

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