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Why I use Essential Oils

Let me just start by saying that I was raised a little differently than most people.

From the time I was 6 years old, I used essential oils on bug bites, scraped knees, in my water, to soothe sun burns, to get sap off my hands, to clean our house, to diffuse when I got sick, to help tummy-aches, and even on my animals. I didn’t realize that everyone else didn't do things this way until I became a teenager.

On my soccer team, all the girls used “Secret” deodorant. On camping trips, I brought a bottle of essential oil while my friends had cans of bug spray. People would ask me what I used them for and how it worked, and WHY? ...and honestly, I didn't really know how to answer that.

All I had was my own experience; every bruise and scrape from my childhood was linked to the smell of an essential oil. I didn't use them for aromatherapy (I do now, though, more on this later); rather, I knew almost instinctively how to use them for simple, everyday stuff.

As a teenager I started to feel a little different. I wanted to smell like an Abercrombie surfer girl and use glittery shampoos, tricolored toothpaste and deodorants that smelled like a Hawaiian island. After begging my mom to try it out, I started getting rashes all over my body. I then realized that I was severely sensitive to chemical products because I had never been exposed to them before.

To this day, I get a rash from sheets in hotels that use a ton of softeners, chemical cleaning products or air fresheners. But I'm actually kind of glad I’m this way.

Okay but maybe I'm just just weird. What's my point?

We are saturated with chemical products every single day whether we realize it or not.

I mean, honestly, do you even know what is in the bottles on your shelf and how toxic it is for your body? No really, go read the label and tell me what's in there and if it's safe. I'll wait.

I promise you I can't decipher half those ingredients, and frankly, I don't see why I would purchase it. Doesn't not knowing what chemicals you're buying bother you a little?

I started doing research into mainstream products in the supermarkets once I figured out my body couldn't tolerate them, and realized that people didn't know that sunscreens, lotions, shampoos, body sprays, deodorants, nail polish, air fresheners, house cleaning products, wipes, sanitizers, and the dozens of other products that literally everyone buys were chock full of toxic, nasty chemicals, many of which are put directly onto our skin, the body's largest organ.

I mean, this is gross, right?

Health food stores (yes, even Whole Foods) can even be deceiving - those unpronounceable ingredients are mysterious for a reason, turns out. Many of us assume that the products on our shelves must be safe, right? Especially if purchased from reputable places that sell "healthy" or “green” products? Wrong.

I was so surprised when I learned that the personal care industry has surprisingly minimal regulation: companies are allowed to use known toxins (ingredients that have been linked to cancer, reproductive issues, and hormone disruption) without even disclosing what they put in there.

In fact, "The law does not require cosmetic products and ingredients, other than color additives, to have FDA approval before they go on the market." (Source: fda.gov)

Moreover, "Neither the law nor FDA regulations require specific tests to demonstrate the safety of individual products or ingredients [of cosmetics]." (Source: fda.gov)

What the actual?!

If you're not freaked out yet, you're not paying attention.

What the FDA website is saying is that the personal care industry is basically a free for all. I'll go into more detail on this in another post, but you should note that there is basically no testing being done on cosmetics.

Think of the amount of cosmetics purchased every year... what are the consequences of this?

This is why I'm a little glad that I am sensitive to chemical products. That means my body is communicating with me and letting me know it isn't pleased, and I always listen to what it tells me.

I choose to use Essential Oils as part of a daily routine because I know where they come from. I know what I am putting on my body, I know it comes straight from the earth, and I know they work with my body, not against it.

I use essential oil based face wash, moisturizer, toner, eye cream, serum & lip balm.

I use essential oil based toothpaste & mouthwash and I've never had a cavity while using it.

I use essential oil based shampoo & conditioner, body lotion, hand soap, hand sanitizer.

...and that's not even the half of it!

Essential oils are a lot more than a nice smell in a little bottle. They are used in aromatherapy, for personal care, emotional well-being, in nutritional supplements, and as household cleaners. They are immune-boosting, mood-elevating, regenerating, and oxygenating to the body. It's sad that they're so misunderstood and underutilized. We need to acknowledge the fact that the toxins we are exposed to every day could be taking a major toll on our bodies, and they're simply unnecessary.

Contrary to what a lot of people may claim, essential oils are not medications by definition. These oils support the body at the cellular level, which then stimulates various systems in the body. Our bodies recognize essential oils because we consume and metabolize the plants they are sourced from. When the oil molecules reach the cell receptor, the molecules provide information and targeted support to that cell before making its way to the liver and kidneys to be flushed out.

Essential oils are labeled as "supplements" not "medication".

Why? Because they aid in the body's natural function.

They can support the body in:

  • reducing stress and tension

  • lifting mood

  • relaxing and promoting better sleep

  • increase energy and keep you alert

Essential oils support our body to function properly and provide the targeted support that it may need. They are not designed to suppress symptoms like medication.

We need to start talking about our health and what we can do to give our bodies what they need to sustain a healthy balance. A healthier life starts with a choice, and spending money on your health is not an expense, but a long-term investment.

Are you ready to commit to your health and make the investment?

With gratitude,

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