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The Ultimate Essential Oil Skincare Regimen

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My mom raised me to think about beauty from the inside out. What you put in your body reflects how you will look; how you think - your mindset and your thoughts - will reflect on the outside. I've never been taught to think of beauty as an outer surface layer. For me, beauty starts from within, and that starts with how we take care of ourselves, mentally and physically.

When it comes to appearances, skincare is number one for me. Now that I am in my 20's and starting to pay more attention to my regimen and early signs of aging, I've become very aware of what goes on my skin, and how I take care of it. In December 2016 I went to Utah to attend Young Living beauty school, to deepen my understanding of essential oils and how they can be used as part of a daily skincare and beauty routine. I am always looking for new ways to incorporate essential oils into my daily life, and this was the perfect opportunity for me to learn how I could use them to create good habits that will serve me as I get older.

It's true that we often overlook the fact that the skin is our largest organ. We think of it as a barrier, but in reality, it breathes, sweats, and absorbs all sorts of things in our environment on a daily basis. Our skin is also a major outlet for detoxification in our body. As such, taking good care of it it is one of the most important parts of a health regimen, and one of the most intrinsic aspects of defying aging. The American Academy of Dermatology says that the slowing down of elastin and collagen production occurs starting at 20 years of age and continues until we are in our 80s with a continual decrease.

Obviously, it is never too early to start developing good habits.


Many external factors can influence skin deterioration, such as smoking, excessive alcohol, improperly balanced nutrition and too much sun exposure. Also, a toxic colon, lymphatic system, liver, gall bladder, or pancreas can also be very hard on your outer appearance.

Today, we are exposed to an overload of environmental toxins from air pollution, nanoparticles in makeup, and even household cleaners.

Of course, we know that the high levels of stress that we experience are detrimental to our health, both on the inside and out. Stress can cause a lack of restorative sleep, which has even further negative impacts on your skin’s health. Sleep deprivation results in saggy skin, fine lines, and blotchy skin tone. Our skin cells repair overnight when your body secretes growth hormone to rebuild tissues, muscles and bone.

However, no matter how much we are told these things, we still all love the sun and expose ourselves to it more than we probably should. In addition, the environment and even many households are filled with more and more toxins and chemicals than ever before, and we are absorbing all of these straight into our bodies, right through our skin.


Choosing to limit your daily chemical exposure within your own home IS something you can control. Taking care of your skin starts from the inside out! Making conscious choices about household cleaners, detergents, air fresheners, sunscreens, deodorants can play a vital role. The most important, of course, is our nutrition, including vitamins and minerals in your diet are key. A diet high in fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and good fats plus staying hydrated is certainly vital for more than one reason.

Find ways to manage stress and prioritize sleep so your body can restore itself. I personally recommend using an essential oil diffuser to breathe throughout the day. When you're feeling stressed, inhaling your favorite essential oil and focusing on your breathing can help expel the stress in your body. (I talk more about this here).

Of course, what you use ON your skin plays a huge role as well!

Essential oils are an ancient beauty secret, and have been used in skin care as early as the ancient Egyptians. Using essential oils on your skin is a way to avoid putting harmful chemicals, preservatives, additives, toxins, and parabens directly on your skin.

I personally use an essential oil based skincare program. I may be only 23 years old, but I think taking excellent care of your skin can never start too early.

So let’s take a look at this revolutionary essential oil skincare program!

The ART © skin care product line is formulated with botanicals and infused with pure, Seed to Seal © quality essential oils. Essential oils of Frankincense and Sandalwood are used to nourish the skin, while orchid flower extract deeply hydrates. Infused with a proprietary blend of botanicals to preserve the products naturally, it prevents the growth of germs, fungus and mold inside the container without the use of harsh chemicals.

#1) Gentle Cleanser (morning & evening)

Gently cleansing twice daily helps to remove dead cells, make-up, oil and other debris. Infused with essential oils, this foaming cleanser offers all natural benefits with plant-based ingredients to gently, yet effectively, cleanse and remove impurities from the skin’s surface. Cleansing allows moisturizers to work more effectively.

Directions: Rub one pump of cleanser between your hands with warm water to create a lather. Massage your face for a minute, and rinse. The cleanser will leave your skin clean without stripping your face of its natural oils.

#2) Exfoliate (3x weekly)

A gentle exfoliation helps turn over the dead cell debris from your epidermal layer. The ART Satin Mint Facial Scrub is an advanced cleansing formula designed to clean, nourish, and stimulate without damaging the skin’s natural pH balance. Safe, gentle ingredients help exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin for a fresher, smoother appearance. This scrub contains peppermint essential oil, antioxidant vitamins, and pure botanicals.

Directions: Apply Satin Facial Scrub directly to moistened skin in a circular motion. Rinse thoroughly, pat dry.

#3) Tone (after cleansing, morning and evening)

As tempting as it may be, don’t skip the toning step! It smells amazing, so that is definitely a plus. But also, the purpose of toner is to close and tighten your pores that you just opened up by cleansing with warm water. The ART toner is quick absorbing and highly refreshing with Peppermint, Lavender, and Lemon essential oils. This light toner helps to re-balance the skin’s pH and diminishes the appearance of enlarged pores. It can also remove any leftover impurities, dirt or makeup after cleansing.

#4) Restore (twice daily, before moisturizer)

ART Renewal Serum © contains Frankincense, Myrrh and Sensation essential oils.This Serum is to be used after cleansing and toning twice daily and followed by a moisturizer.

The serum contains orchid flower, which has been used for thousands of years in herbal beauty treatments, as it is thought to help retain hydration. The extreme moisturizing may help delay natural aging effects by supporting the skin. Another key ingredient in this serum is the Japanese knotweed, known for its ability to protect against free radicals.

#5) Hydrate (morning & night)

Hydration is key to locking in moisture and creating soft, smooth skin. It’s important to use a moisturizer that doesn't clog your pores based on your skin type. I prefer to use a lightweight moisturizer in the AM, and a thicker, more deep hydration overnight.

(I have dry skin, but you can adjust to your preferences! See below.)

Art Light Moisturizer: Apply ART light moisturizer to face and neck twice daily (or just in the morning) after your cleansing and toning regimen.

Sandalwood Moisture Cream: This thick, ultra-hydrating cream contains Sandalwood, Ylang-Ylang, Bergamot, Geranium, Frankincense and Myrrh essential oils. It is rich in skin protecting antioxidants, and its formulation is designed to nourish and deeply hydrate your skin. Apply at night before bed.

Boswellia Wrinkle Cream (for aging skin): This proprietary blend of pure ingredients supports collagen that is lost as you age, helping to improve skin tightness while minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. It is blended with skin-supporting essential oils of Ylang Ylang, Frankincense, Sandalwood, Geranium, and Myrrh along with an ancient Chinese wolfberry oil.

ART intensive moisturizer (use once daily): ART Intensive Moisturizer nourishes the skin with ingredients such as pracaxi seed oil and blue bird hibiscus leaf extract to even skin tone and promote hydration. It includes five premium essential oils to create a light floral scent and leave your skin feeling soft, refreshed, and radiant. (Clinically tested and non-irritating).

#6) Refine (once weekly)

This step helps refine and give an extra kick to your skincare regimen. Refine your skin by applying a mask for 20 minutes before your shower.

Art Beauty Masque: a premium, orchid-based formula designed to nurture skin and leave it looking healthier and more radiant.

Using pure botanicals and essential oils on your skin is a clean, non-toxic way, plant-based way to upgrade your skincare and remove unnecessary chemicals from your daily routine. Once you see how good it feels to take care of your skin and make a long-term investment in your health, you will never see skincare the same way again. Essential oils are an ancient beauty secret and can support your body and health in so many ways, and it is important that we learn to understand them.

I have noticed considerably brighter and more hydrated skin since using this program (note that some of these steps are only once or twice a week, so don’t get overwhelmed!). Pro tip: to keep it simple, keep your exfoliating scrub in your shower, and keep your three step program on your vanity or in your medicine cabinet with some cotton pads.

If you are interested in any of these botanical skincare products, you can purchase them at retail prices here. I personally recommend grabbing a wholesale account, where you can earn rewards points, get automatic shipments once a month, and get 24% off retail prices.

Are you going to try out these essential oil infused skincare products?

If you do, let me know what you think!

With love,

Obligatory disclaimer: The information is based upon research and personal use of Young Living Essential Oils. I am not a doctor. Products and techniques mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and have not been evaluated by the FDA.

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