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Magical Superfood Iced Tea: Health Benefits & Recipe

Okay, so, confession: I have been obsessed with the color blue since...forever. Not just your average blue, the PERFECT shade of blue, that blue that you just want to dive into and get lost in…. you know? Think of the mediterranean sea.

So why am I announcing my eternal love for blue? Well, because I have discovered that this same shade of blue my dreams are made of, actually exists in the world; and guess what? You can drink it.

As you probably know I am 100% obsessed with healthy living and natural health remedies which means that I steer clear of toxins, artificial anything, and unnecessary chemicals. So, obviously, I don’t care much for artificial colors or sweeteners. That’s what makes me SO EXCITED about this discovery - I can actually drink the very color I am obsessed with, and know that it comes straight from nature, without any added garbage.

As if this wasn't thrilling enough to my little blue-obsessed self, this gorgeous, 100% natural, insanely blue fairy dust actually has some pretty sweet health benefits. Excuse me while I go do a happy dance… *cue Kendrick*

So, what is this magical drink?

This is where it gets good! Nothing is better than finding new health foods to incorporate into your diet (at least for me there isn’t). This blue drink has completely changed the way I am getting hydrated this summer, and after you see it, you’ll probably be just as obsessed as I am. Just sayin’.

This 100% natural, straight-from-nature blue magical drink is called blue butterfly pea. Don’t panic, its not made from actual blue butterflies!

Blue Butterfly Pea Powder is an amazing superfood made from the flowers of the butterfly pea plant. This pea plant has been used for centuries in Southeast Asia to promote vitality and healthy aging, but is only now making its debut in the trendy drink world for its gorgeous and distinct blue color without all the harmful chemicals and additives.

Because of the newest blue trend in food and drink, this superfood has founds itself in the spotlight. To make all of us healthy food people even more thrilled, this pea flower is actually packed full of antioxidants, some which support skin collagen and elasticity, as well as hair and eye health. This superfood generally promotes the overall healthy life cycle of your body’s cells.

To make it even more exciting, this flower has been regarded in Ayurvedic medicine for its potential to support the immune system, improve memory, and promote a happy, balanced mood.

If you’re like me and LOVE incorporating healthy superfoods and adaptogens into your daily routine, this is going to become your favorite summer staple. Sitting outside on the patio with a pitcher of this drink will surely upgrade your summer hydration. Bonus points because it’s insanely beautiful like the mediterranean sea, and will make everyone go nuts about the color (No? Just me?)

Ever since I discovered this gorgeous superfood I’ve been busy experimenting with ways to make all of my favorite drinks the perfect blue. Can we all agree that this stuff photographs like no other?

If you’re wondering where you can grab some of this trending superfood, look no further:

Butterfly Pea Flowers (dried)

Butterfly Tea Bags

Pea Powder

My favorite way to make blue butterfly is David Wolfe’s longevity warehouse powdered version. Not only does this last the longest because it is a powder, the versions and experiments you can do with it are endless!

Here’s how I made my first pitcher:

Prepare a pour-over coffee filter (like this one). Wet the filter, and put it over a half-gallon pitcher (such as this one).

Scoop out ¼ teaspoon blue butterfly pea powder from your package, and put it in the coffee filter. Using another pitcher or pouring mechanism such as a pyrex glass measurer, pour cold water over the coffee filter with the powder in it into the destination pitcher.

It is a little time consuming, but the tea will last awhile this way. A little goes a long way, so don’t over-do it!

The end result is the most gorgeous blue ‘iced tea’ you have ever seen. Stick this baby in the fridge to have on hand at any time! Mix it with ice cubes and sip in the heat of the day. Or, add it to a simple cocktail such as a gin & tonic or a vodka tonic.

Okay so, confession, I’ve been saving my favorite part for last! The only color I am obsessed with more than mediterranean blue is millennial pink. I’ve never been much of a pink person, but that pale, slightly warm shade of pink, like a summer sunset just gets me every time. If you haven’t noticed, it's the main theme of my blog.

So, why am I talking about pink?

Well, just like 7th grade chemistry class, we are going to be combining two substances to create the most beautiful shade of millennial pink you've ever seen. With what, you may ask? Blue butterfly pea powder & lemon.

I told you this stuff was magical!

Here’s where it gets fun. You can create a color-changing drink right before your eyes with no more than a little lemon.

I like to call this “unicorn lemonade” (don't sue me, pls)

You can see why:

How to make color-changing, superfood

'unicorn lemonade':

Option #1

1 whole lemon, squeezed

1 cup blue butterfly iced tea

2 drops stevia or 1 teaspoon light colored honey or xylitol

1 small pinch of Himalayan sea salt

Serving: pour your blue iced tea into a glass with some ice cubes. Drop your sweetener into the glass with a tiny pinch of salt and stir. Squeeze your lemon into a shot glass, and right as you are serving, slowly pour your lemon juice over the iced tea and watch the magic happen.

(p.s. if you are interested in making it a dark purple, you can add dark colored honey or maple syrup)

Option #2

a) Make up one pitcher of organic lemonade with ice cubes

(either organic store-bought or you can squeeze organic lemons with water & honey to your preferred sweetness)

b) Make up one pitcher of blue butterfly iced tea

Bring the desired amount of glasses to the table with ice cubes, and pour the blue butterfly iced tea into the glasses. Fill about 3/4 of the way. Then, slowly pour your lemonade over the top to fill up the rest of the glass and watch it turn a bright millennial pink.

(Pro tip: for even fancier and prettier drinks, freeze your blue butterfly tea and serve lemonade with blue ice cubes… as they melt, the drink will turn pink!)

Ready to grab your blue iced tea for the summer? Or are you going to turn it pink?

Trust me, 'unicorn lemonade' is about to seriously rock your summer, you need to get this stuff into your life, stat! These two colors are absolute favorites, and what’s more, they’re a superfood.

If you're looking for me, I’ll probably be outside listening to some rap sippin' on a glass of 'unicorn lemonade'.

Happy summer, babes!


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