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Is Investing in Your Health Worth it?

The way I see it, every single dollar you spend is a vote. When we purchase products, we cast a vote for the company behind it.

We have the power in our wallets to make choices that directly impact our lives.

Today there is so much over-saturation of almost everything under the sun. Between ordering on the internet, purchasing in health food stores, drug stores and supermarkets we are constantly inundated with TOO MANY CHOICES. “Natural” “green” “100% pure” - (this is called greenwashing!) - but, what do these things even mean? Where’s the proof? It is so difficult to make informed decisions about where our products come from and what’s inside them. So because we are overwhelmed, we stick to the same stuff most of the time.

But here's where that attitude won't help you in the long run:

In simple terms every dollar you have is a vote you can cast. Say you spend $20 on a face serum from company X, you are voting for X’s product and what they stand for. If enough people don’t purchase from company X’s products, well, then, the company hasn't had enough “votes”, and they can’t afford to go on. Bummer.

What I am trying to say, is that choosing where you cast your vote is more important than you think. I choose to put my dollars in companies that tell me where my stuff is coming from. I don’t want to attempt to pronounce scientific names and google what they are. If I don't know what it means, why am I using it on my body?

This is why I only work with one brand of essential oils that owns and operates farms all over the world. I can go visit those farms and see where my oils are grown and distilled. That really matters to me! Sure, there's a lot of chatter and debate on the internet, but I've used them my whole life and I would never give them up.

So, why should you care?

Essential oils by definition, are the purest essence of a living plant. They're not really an "oil" at all. Essential oils are essentially the blood of a plant. Think of an orange. When you peel it, what sprays out of the skin? That's orange essential oil.

You should care about these things because they are more powerful than you think. They've been around for thousands of years, and have only recently been lost to the modern world. Today, we use chemicals and quick fixes for everything. But people are suffering from health issues left and right, and that just isn't fair.

Don't you think it's crazy that we use chemicals off a shelf that we know nothing about, but run away from plant-based health products like essential oils and herbs? Did you know that the average woman uses approximately 12 different beauty products on her body every day containing over 150 chemicals? We have no idea what the health effects of this will be in the long run, because we have never used as many chemicals as we do today.

Maybe I am alone in finding that alarming.

But if you also feel alarmed by that, worry not. There are alternatives!

Don't worry, I’m not going to invite you on a “journey” with essential oils. That's not really my thing. I honestly care about helping people make informed decisions and prioritizing their health. As millennials, we have so much information at our fingertips that we owe it to ourselves to make better choices, and that includes where we spend our money.

Taking care of ourselves every single day - instead of searching for the magic pill when something goes wrong (if you haven't heard, there isn't one) is key! Knowing what we put in and on our bodies is so important, now more than ever - and knowing where our money is going, and that every dollar we spend has an impact, means that we have more power as a generation than we think.

According to a study performed by Elite Daily, "millennials comprise a vocal and active generation that wants to have a prominent voice in regard to issues and products that affect daily life".

As a generation, we are active and engaged online, and we like supporting business and products that we believe in. We need to start doing the same when it comes to our health. Knowing how to take care of yourself by using products that are better for you, the earth, and the economy is massively empowering.

I hope you will join me in choosing to prioritize your health and remembering to make conscious, thoughtful decisions as a consumer that reflect what we believe in. Your health is a long term investment with high returns, not an expense.

Remember, every dollar you spend is a vote, so make an informed decision before you cast your ballot.

Love always,

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