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How I use Rose Quartz Crystals

It's taken me 23 years to realize that everything I know and do on a daily basis is considered a little "out there" to most people. I was raised with a close relationship to nature, no television until I was 13, and taught how to take care of myself using what we might call "alternative methods". The funny thing is, everything I had learned growing up and was sometimes embarrassed by, is exactly what I went back to when I left college and was facing the dread of finding my way in the "real world".

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I'm sure you know that everyday life can become a whirlwind; we often wonder where our time goes. We tend to get caught up in the mundane, the material, our routines, our habits, and other people’s expectations. We become distracted, stressed, and reliant on our habits and material things to get us by. We use the word"busy" like a badge of honor.

This unnatural cycle takes us away from what we are as human beings, which is the state of love and gratitude. If everything were to stop tomorrow, all we would have is our relationships and the skills we have acquired. Finding time in the modern world to focus on the things that bring us joy, hope, gratitude, love, and positive energy can be really challenging.

Reconnecting with our bodies, grounding our minds and connecting to the present moment shouldn't be so difficult. We have everything we need right at our fingertips. The tools we need to ground ourselves come straight from the earth; whether it be a field of flowers, a forest, fresh air, the beach, sunshine, essential oils, or crystals.

Crystals are perceived as a little "woo-woo" most of the time. But when you think that they are the result of innumerable years of immense pressure from the earth, you can see their beauty as a testament to their ability to withstand change, pressure, and stress. When we are working to find positive energy in our everyday lives and pull us out of the cycles of self-doubt, using crystals in your everyday environment can help change the energy for you. One of the most powerful crystals for accessing that energy is Rose Quartz.

Rose Quartz is a silicon dioxide mineral compressed over eons of time at extremely high temperatures, and then cooled into a soft pink crystallization (source). Raw Rose Quartz has the highest vibrational frequency and energy, and carries the most potent healing and metaphysical properties in this form as opposed to its polished and tumbled versions.

This stone can be found in Madagascar, Brazil, and India, and carries deep metaphysical meaning. Raw pieces of rose quartz exude a deep healing energy, and can be placed in every room of a home to invite a calming and positive energy. Because this stone brings loving energy, it can enhance daily life with warmth and positivity while lowering stress and soothing those who live there.

In my home, Rose quartz can be found in all four outermost corners of the house, and in every room. On my nightstand is a heart-shaped rose quartz stone, bringing calm, heart-based energy to my bedroom. In all four corners of my bed-frame under the mattress are four raw pieces of Rose Quartz. As you may have guessed, this is one of my favorite crystals.

I keep it surrounding my bed when I sleep because it can be helpful for dream recall. I like to remember my dreams because they help me understand what my subconscious is processing, and what I need to address on an emotional level.

As someone who battles perfectionism and self-doubt, I keep rose quartz around my home and in my bedroom as a way to maintain a positive self-esteem and promote a sense of self-worth.

Many of my friends are instinctively drawn to hold this stone when going through my crystal collections. I think it is useful to understand which stones we are drawn to and what energies they can help us maintain. Rose quartz to me is the ultimate calm, positive and healing stone that everyone could benefit from.

Adding these stones to my bedroom has given me the best sleep of my life. I also diffuse essential oils every night and keep all of my electronics out of my bedroom (no more phones on the nightstand!) to help me relax before bed, and not reach for my phone in the morning.

I absolutely recommend purchasing a few rose quartz crystals to add to your home and your bedroom. They are beautiful, calming, and help surround you with a positive, loving energy.

Do you think you could benefit from rose quartz in your life?

Let me know!

With love,

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