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Everyday Uses for 5 Basic Essential Oils

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For some reason, a lot of people think they need to have a huge “how-to” manual and hours of reading under their belt to start using essential oils in their life. I completely understand that at first, using small little bottles of botanicals can seem perhaps strange, and you may not know where to start and how to dig in. That’s why I always recommend joining a company as a member, so you can learn from your team leader and know that your products are authentic and nontoxic.

Essential oils are extremely versatile, since there are hundreds of different plants that have been distilled into one tiny essence. Each plant has different properties that can be beneficial to everyday life, health and wellness, and the more you use them and learn from your team, the more you’ll realize how valuable they are. I personally love knowing that I have everything I need in my home to take care of myself and live a totally healthy lifestyle without worrying about toxins.

Yeah, you might think at this point “damn this girl is seriously being an alarmist about toxins!”. Sorry! Frankly, it’s easy to walk down any aisle in the drug store or grocery store and see just how many chemicals, artificial foods, and medications we are overloaded with. People are struggling with their health, their weight, and their diets. Making the choice to clean up your lifestyle and use alternative methods isn’t alarmist by any means, its just a personal choice to prioritize your long-term health.

There’s a reason that “going green” is trending these days!

So, to cut through the confusion and overwhelm, here’s a little overview of some very basic ways that you can use essential oils on the day-to-day. It doesn’t have to be complicated!

Thieves Essential Oil

This blend is based on an ancient recipe called “the four thieves”. The name of the oil comes from its history where it was used by robbers to avoid catching the Black Plague. Today, its uses are wide and varied, but it is known for supporting the immune system.

Oral Health:

One drop on your toothbrush will keep it clean and purified. Adding one drop before brushing your teeth is great for oral health. The blend contains Clove, which is known to keep teeth and gums healthy.

*I personally use Thieves Toothpaste ©, which is a non-toxic, all natural toothpaste formulated with this powerful oil blend. It is available only through Young Living.

You can also use the oil as a mouthwash. Adding two drops to a small glass of water will help clean out your mouth, gums and teeth. It will get rid of bad breath, too.

Thieves blend mouthwash is also available from Young Living.

As a Cleaning Solution:

1) Mix 20 drops of Thieves with water and two tablespoons white vinegar in a spray bottle. Use for everyday household cleaning on surfaces such as counter tops, bathroom sinks, showers, and kitchens.

A more budget friendly option is to purchase the Thieves Cleaner concentrate, and dilute according to your needs. This powerful blend cleans any surface without toxins, chemicals or artificial fragrances. If you ingest it, don't worry, just drink water. Safe enough for you?

2) Put a couple of drops in your dishwasher to get rid of any food residue smells.

3) Put 2-3 drops in the washing machine with your soap to help get rid of musty wet towel/sports clothes smells.

4) Place 2-3 drops with hot water & one tablespoon of plain, nontoxic dish soap to mop floors.

5) Place 2 drops on cotton balls and drop in the bottom of a trash bin, put inside running shoes, stick into your air vents, or put in the linen closet.

Pro tip: Instead of using DIY recipes, you can also buy Thieves-infused personal care products: Toothpaste, Mouthwash, Hand Soap, Dish Soap, Fruit & Veggie Spray, Dishwasher Powder, Laundry Detergent, Hand Sanitizer, and Oral Spray.

Lavender essential oil

This one is pretty popular. You can find this oil just about anywhere, but be careful - 99% of Lavender sold on the market isn't real! It can actually be synthetic and doesn't contain any of its natural properties. Find one essential oil company who distills their own oils, and stick to them! You won’t regret it.

1) Relaxing massage: Add 2 drops of lavender into Jojoba or Coconut oil and use as a relaxing massage oil.

2) DIY sunburn spray: (Before doing this, make sure you are using real lavender oil or it will actually burn even worse!)

To make:

½ cup witch hazel

2 tablespoons aloe vera water

10 drops lavender essential oil

3 drops peppermint essential oil

Spray onto skin after extended sun exposure. It will feel cooling and soothing, and makes your sunburn less painful. Apply as often as you like!

3) Bath soak: To relax sore muscles, add 3 drops of lavender essential oil to a handful of epsom salt and stir. Add to bathwater.

4) DIY face oil: Add 5 drops lavender oil to a bottle of Vitamin E oil and apply to your skin before bedtime to soothe and moisturize. This works especially well for dry skin.

Purification essential oil blend

1) Mosquito repellent: Add two drops to any oil such as coconut and rub onto your skin before going outside or on a camping trip. If you get bit, you can put one drop directly

on the bite to stop the itching.

2) In the diffuser: Diffuse purification in your room while you're feeling sick with a cold or cough.

3) In the Vacuum: Put two drops in you vacuum bag to make your carpets & vacuum smell clean and get rid of odors.

4) Cuts & Scrapes: I always take this essential oil on camping trips. If you ever get cut or scraped, you can apply this immediately to the wound to clean it out and soothe the irritation.

Peppermint essential oil

1) Indigestion: If you get car sick or easily get indigestion from eating out, then peppermint is a must! Add one drop to a glass of water and drink, or rub directly on your belly.

2) Headaches: Apply one drop of peppermint oil to the base of your neck, right under your hairline. Apply one drop to each temple if the headache is severe. It will feel cooling, and helps soothe the tension in your head.

3) Energy: To boost your energy before a workout, breathe peppermint straight from the bottle for a solid minute, breathing in deeply through your nose. This has been scientifically proven to boost performance and elevate your energy levels!

Lemon Essential Oil

1) Hydration: add one drop of lemon essential oil to your water for extra hydration, oxidation and a delicious flavor!

2) Get rid of goo: add one drop of lemon to anything gooey or sticky - it will immediately take it off! For example, you know that obnoxious sticky stuff left on bottle when you remove the label? Yeah, it removes that. You're welcome.

3) Acne: apply one drop of lemon to blemishes before bed to dry them out overnight

Out of the hundreds of different ways I use essential oils as the foundation of my lifestyle, these are a few everyday, basic ideas to get you started and incorporating oils into your everyday life.

These essential oils listed above can all be found in the Premium Starter Kit, which is the ultimate essential oil kit for beginners that is available as part of the Young Living members program. If you’re interested in grabbing your own kit, you can purchase it here!

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