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5 Tips for Radiant, Beautiful Skin

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Our skin is the first thing we look at when deciding if we're healthy or not. Everything that is going on inside of our bodies is reflected in our skin, which is why it is so important to treat it carefully.

At this point, we probably know that our pores aren't just there to excrete sweat; we know that they absorb what you put on your skin and even what's lurking in the air. So knowing what we put on our skin and what is hiding in our beauty products is really important, because it is being absorbed into our bodies no matter what.

Ditching toxic drugstore products and opting for nontoxic skincare is the first step in making sure your skin isn't getting bombarded with a chemical cocktail and unnecessary toxins (no thanks!). What you put on your skin matters, but what goes inside your body also has a big impact. So, taking care of your skin starts from the inside, thus paying attention what you're putting inside your body is important for your health and your outer appearance. Nourishing your body to help promote glowing, healthy skin won’t happen overnight, though. Starting to slowly add new healthy habits, and staying consistent with your daily routine can work wonders over time. I know this because I've seen it happen! Be patient with yourself and be kind with your thoughts. Health isn't a quick fix, it's a lifestyle.

So, let’s look at some natural ways to help create glowing and beautiful skin!

1) Drink more water

Yeah, you’ve heard this before. But there’s probably a reason for that. I mean, hello, if you keep hearing something, odds are it might be for a reason! Pay attention to what hints the universe is throwing your way. Fact of the matter is, most people are chronically dehydrated. A dehydrated body leads to dehydrated skin… oops!

Did you know tat you can make your water even more hydrating by adding a couple of drops of citrus Vitality essential oils? It's my favorite way to up my water game. It tastes delicious (yes pls) and helps your body absorb the water more efficiently. Double win!

Bonus: I personally use a hydrogen producing water bottle (this one) a couple of times a day. You push a little button and your water bottle lights up a magical color and adds hydrogen molecules to your bottle. It's fun to watch, and tastes mildly of minerals while being slightly bubbly. Hydrogen is deeply hydrating, and our tap water doesn't have enough of it anymore, so this is an awesome tool to have on the go.

2) Take healthy supplements

Dietary supplements can target the various areas our bodies need support, and one of those benefits can be healthy skin. Yes, I know, we all hate taking a handful of pills. But did you know that you can drink a JUICE that delivers massive benefits to your skin? How sweet is that!

I suggest taking the probiotic Life 9, a great essential-oil infused supplement from Young Living to help keep your digestion on track, and keep your skin happy. OmegaGize is also an excellent supplement packed with omega-3, DHAs and fish oil to help hydrate. A daily shot of NingXia Red, an antioxidant juice drink containing wolfberry puree and citrus essential oils not only tastes delicious, but supports your body and skin with a powerful dose of antioxidants. So good!

I purchase my essential oil supplements here.

3) Eat Fats

Eating fat is delicious, first of all, but more than that it helps keep your skin (and hair!) moisturized from the inside out. Fats are also brain food, and we could all use a little more of that ;) But don't worry, I am talking about the HEALTHY fats, the ones that make your hair shiny and supple, and your skin radiate moisture.

Vegetable oils do not count! These bad fats are the very kind that have everyone terrified of fats in the first place.

Up your good fat intake with every meal and see the difference in your skin and hair. Please do not be afraid of consuming tons of healthy fats! You cannot go wrong with these.

Good fats include: avocados & avocado oil, coconut butter, coconut oil, grass-fed ghee, grass-fed butter, olive oil (not heated!), fish, eggs, and walnuts.

4) Take care of your gut

External skin issues start on the inside, and that stems from your gut. Improper digestion and an unhealthy gut lining can contribute to health issues that appear in the form of physical symptoms, such as skin rashes. Eating a diet of organic, local, seasonal whole foods is an excellent way to nourish your body with real nutrients. Limit your refined sugars, preservatives, alcohol and processed foods. Make and drink your own bone broth, and try adding probiotics and fermented foods such as sauerkraut, yogurt, milk & water kefir, and fermented veggies to keep a healthy dose of good bacteria to your gut. Good bacteria is vital for better digestion, and healthy digestion means less skin issues.

5) Use Essential Oils Topically

Essential oils are one of the most underestimated and misused skin secrets out there. The plants used in the distillation of essential oils have been around longer than humans, and ignoring the powerful benefits these plants can offer us is naive!

Essential oils are a plant’s natural defense and protective mechanisms which penetrate our cell membranes and disperse healing properties into our blood and tissues. Just one drop contains innumerable molecules which go straight into our bloodstream and into our cells to help our bodies function as they should. Essential oils offer countless benefits for our skin when they are 100% pure and properly distilled. (Please do not use essential oils purchased from a drug store or Amazon on your skin as you do not know what these oils contain, or where they come from).

Below is a list of essential oils for every type of skin. For the simplest application, you can purchase a small dropper bottle (like these) and add your favorite carrier oil such as coconut, jojoba, argan, or rose-hip with 20-35 drops of an essential oil or multiple oils to make a custom skin serum.

Otherwise, I recommend the Young Living ART products for a comprehensive skincare line infused with the best essential oils on the market. I personally use this line and love the results.


Normal Skin

• Lavender

• Roman Chamomile

• Geranium

• Frankincense

Dry Skin

​• Sandalwood

• Rose

• Myrrh

• Patchouli

• Cedarwood

• Frankincense

Oily Skin

• Tea Tree

• Lavender

• Bergamot*

• Lemon*

• Neroli

• Ylang Ylang

*do not wear on skin while in direct sunlight

Aging &Mature Skin

• Ocotea

• Myrrh

• Neroli

• Rose

• Frankincense

• Carrot Seed

• Jasmine

What are your favorite essential oils to use on your skin?

Do you have questions? Let me know!

Some of these oils are exclusive to Young Living and were harvested and distilled with proprietary techniques. To purchase essential oils, click here.

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